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CAFFEO® SOLO® & Perfect Milk fully automatic coffee machine, pure black

  • Frothed milk preparation made easy: with the cappucinatore.
  • Just a few steps to perfect coffee with frothed milk specialities. Our Cappuccinatore Milk System gives you perfect frothed milk completely automatically. Simply set the required amount with the dial and press start.
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    Product information "CAFFEO® SOLO® & Perfect Milk fully automatic coffee machine, pure black"


    The cappuccinatore to really simply make frothed milk with the best consistency, warm milk and hot water. Regulate the amount with the dial - every customer can pour the exact amount they want and which fits in their cup.


    puristic and compact

    20 cm wide 32.5 cm high 45.5 cm deep - the SOLO®  is one of the smallest fully automatic coffee machines in the world. But still, it has enough room for high quality Melitta technology.


    Individual coffee preparation

    Coffee enjoyment without compromise: Choose your coffee strength and temperature: with a single turn you can match the amount of coffee to your preferred cup size.



    More flavour with pre-brewing: The freshly ground coffee is moistened with water before the actual brewing process. As a result, the flavours dissolve better and where do they end up? In your coffee, of course.


    0 watt switch

    Using the 0 watt switch separates the SOLO® from the power source. Your personal settings are of course kept. This on/off feature is also programmable, so that the appliance automatically separates from the power source after the amount of time you set.


    Height adjustable coffee outlet

    For one or two cups, mugs or latte macchiato glasses - the coffee outlet is height adjustable to 135mm.


    2 cups at once

    At the push of a button the SOLO® & perfect milk makes a cup of coffee, pressing the button twice makes two cups of coffee.


    Mission eco & care

    We have developed a label, which helps consumers choose an appliance that guarantees conscious enjoyment. The label uses a value system, which we have developed.

    Colour: Black
    Model Series: Solo
    Programmable reference keys: no
    Premium conical steel grinder: no
    Automatic grinding quantity regulation: no
    Quiet grinder: no
    Active fill level monitoring Bean container: no
    LED cup lighting: no
    Auto-Off function: no
    0-Watt switch: no
    Energy-saving mode: no
    Pre-brewing function: no
    Bean Select (2-chamber bean container): no
    Shaft for instant coffee: no
    Coffee spout 2 Cup cover: no
    Height-adjustable spout: no
    All-in-one spout for 2 coffee-milk specialities simultaneously: no
    Italian Preparation Process (order of ingredients combination according to original Italian recipe): no
    My Coffee Profile: no
    Cover warm milk: no
    Easy steam cleaning function (cleaning of milk-bearing parts): no
    Cleaning & Care
    Removable brewing group: no
    Setting water hardness: no
    Water filter compatibility: no
    Once a year descaling: no
    Service menu key: no
    Automatic cleaning and descaling system: no
    Easy steam cleaning function (cleaning of milk-bearing parts): no
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