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Coffee machine maintenance and care is often an afterthought, something we all know should be done on a regular basis but too often it feels like hard work. We have a range of coffee machine maintenance and care products that are easy to use and keep your coffee machine working as it should, so you can continue to enjoy great coffee moments.

Coffee machine descalers

Descaling is an important process for any machine that regularly uses water. Tap water contains minerals which include calcium and magnesium, during the heating process some of the water will be evaporated and this process leaves behind mineral deposits on the machines heating elements. Hard water areas see higher levels ofl limescale as the water in these areas contain more minerals compared with soft water areas.

It's important to regularly descale your coffee machine, especially in hard water areas. If a coffee machine is left without being descaled the limescale can build up and cause issues. These issues include; blockages within the machine, water not being able to be heated to the right temperature and potentially the coffee machine breaking down.

Many Melitta bean to cup coffee machines have descaling lights which indicate when the machine needs to be descaled, you can set your water hardness level so this is taken into account. If you don't have this feature we suggest descaling every 3 months and reducing this to 2 months if you live in a hard water area.

We have a range of descalers fit for filter coffee machines, fully automatic coffee machines and kettles in tablet, powder and liquid form. Each product is very simple to use and comes with detailed instructions on how much to add, how long to leave and how to rinse the machine of all residue. Take a look at our automatic coffee machine descalers.

Coffee machine cleaners

Cleaning a coffee machine is essential to make sure your coffee tastes great and your machine keeps functioning. Our perfect clean range of coffee machine cleaners provides an easy way to clean your fully automatic coffee machine or filter coffee machine.

Both liquid and tablet versions of perfect clean are simply mixed with water and processed through your coffee machine. They work by removing oil and fat build up whilst also being gentle on your machine. Used regularly as part of your cleaning regime, perfect clean can help prolong the life of your coffee machine and keep your coffee moments tasting great.

Coffee machine water filters

To fight off limescale more proactively you can add a hard water and limescale filter to your bean to cup coffee machine. This filter removes the minerals from the water in the tank before the water is used in your coffee machine. Improving the quality of the water that goes into your coffee means a better tasting cup of coffee, and less impurities entering your coffee machine. This is a great, proactive way to help prevent harmful limescale buildup which is especially important in hard water areas but will occur over time in all water areas. Take a look at our coffee machine water filters.

Automatic Coffee Machine Cleaning Kits

To make things even easier we have combined everything you need to keep your coffee machine clean, limescale free and tasting great in our automatic coffee machine cleaning kit. The kit includes:

  • 1 x ANTI CALC Liquid Descaler
  • 1 x PERFECT CLEAN Cleaning Tabs
  • 1 x PRO AQUA Filter Cartridge
  • 1 x PERFECT CLEAN Microfibre cloth
  • 1 x Cleaning brush

This is a great starter kit which will provide everything you need to make sure your coffee moments continue to taste great time after time. Take a look at our automatic coffee machine cleaning kits.