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Perfect Clean Coffee Machine Care Set

  • The all around care set for coffee machines
  • The Melitta® PERFECT CLEAN Espresso Machines Care Set include all products for a perfect care of your machine. The products are tuned to Melitta® CAFFEO® machines and guarantee an easy and efficient cleaning.
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    Product information "Perfect Clean Coffee Machine Care Set"

    Care set contains of:

    • 1 x ANTI CALC Espresso Machines Liquid Descaler
    • 1 x PERFECT CLEAN Espresso Machines Cleaning Tabs
    • 1 x PRO AQUA Filter Cartridge
    • 1 x PERFECT CLEAN Espresso Machines Microfibre cloth
    • 1 x Cleaning brush

    Descaling and cleaning performance

    PERFECT CLEAN Tabs and the cleaning brush hygienically, efficiently and thoroughly clean the coffee system in your fully automatic coffee machine. Coffee oils and fats are thoroughly removed. With ANTI CALC liquid descaler you remove limescale deposits efficiently and thoroughly from your fully automatic coffee machine. Tabs and the liquid descaler are gentle on materials.The PRO AQUA filter cartridge included in the Care Set with your fully automatic coffee machine reliably filters lime and other substances out of the water. This prevents calcification of the machine. With the PERFECT CLEAN microfibre cloth, you can take care of the outside of your appliance gently and thoroughly.


    Product advantages

    It couldn't be easier. ANTI CALC liquid descaler is extremely easy to use, it just needs to be mixed with water. The level marks on the side of the bottle provide help with measuring the right amount. A special corrosion inhibitor gives your high-quality appliance additional protection. PERFECT CLEAN Tabs are individually portioned and very easy to use. Using PERFECT CLEAN Tabs improves the quality of your coffee. ANTI CALC liquid descaler and the PERFECT CLEAN Tabs are odourless. Regular descaling and cleaning can increase the service life of the appliance.



    Frees your fully automatic coffee machine from limescale deposits and cleans it thoroughly and hygienically.


    Advantages of descaling regularly

    Regularly descaling your appliance leads to a reduction in stubborn limescale deposits and therefore to better heat transfer as limescale can't form an insulating layer. This means the appliance uses less energy and its lifetime is increased.

    biodegradable: no
    corrosion protection: yes
    feature: descaling, cleaning
    Danger notice: <p><b>Warning:</b> Causes serious eye irritation.</p>
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