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Our refurbished machines

Refurbished machines may have visual defects on the packaging and have already made several cups of coffee, so they are slightly used. However, they have been checked by our service technicians and, if necessary, parts have been replaced.

Visual defects and cleanliness

Slight traces of use may be visible on the machines, but they are in perfect working order.

Traces of use vary from machine to machine and cannot be specified individually in advance. Some machines may have visual defects such as minor scratches but these do not affect the operation of the machine. Sometimes they will also be packaged in a Melitta branded box.

While all of our refurbished machines are cleaned thoroughly, they have made several cups of coffee and as such, there will be coffee granules that it is not possible to clean away from the machine within the grinder and brewing unit. These granules can become dislodged during transport so there may be ground coffee residue visible on your machine when you receive your goods. 

What's in the box?

Our refurbished machines will contain all the items essential to for the operation of the machine, however, sometimes items such as the manual or water testing strip can be missing.

The below tables advises what items you can expect to be in the box as standard upon receiving your refurbished machines.

Coffee Machine Model Essential items included in the box
Baristas milk containers and silicone tube
CI milk containers and silicone tube
CI Touch milk containers and silicone tube
Passione OT milk containers and silicone tube
Varianza CSP milk containers and silicone tube
Solo & perfect milk Cappuccinatore and silicone tube


Manufacturer's guarantee

Since we are 100% certain of the quality of our refurbished coffee machines, we give a 1-year manufacturer's guarantee on these products too.


As we only a limited number of our refurbished machines in stock, offers are only valid as long as stocks last.

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