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PRO AQUA Filter Cartridge

  • Better tasting coffee thanks to the hard water and limescale filter
  • The PRO AQUA Filter Cartridge reliably filters limescale and other substances from the water whilst reducing water hardness. With improved water quality comes better tasting coffee.
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    Product information "PRO AQUA Filter Cartridge"
    The PRO AQUA Filter Cartridge gives you protection from calcification over time. This means you can descale your filter coffee machine much less often and the noticeably improved water quality enables the coffee flavours to develop more fully, making your coffee taste event better.

    Descaling performance

    PRO AQUA filter cartridges improve the water quality and you can even taste it: The flavour of your coffee improves! Filtering the water also prevents the build-up of limescale and increases the service life of the machine.


    Product advantages

    PRO AQUA filter cartridges improve the water quality and give you better coffee flavour. By filtering the water, limescale build-up is prevented and the service life of the machine is prolonged.



    PRO AQUA filter cartridges protect your fully automatic coffee machine against calcification.


    Advantages of descaling regularly

    Regularly descaling your appliance leads to a reduction in stubborn limescale deposits and therefore to better heat transfer as limescale can't form an insulating layer. This means the appliance uses less energy and its lifetime is increased.

    biodegradable: no
    corrosion protection: no
    feature: descaling
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