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Purista® Series 300 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine (Silver)

Purista® series 300, silver-black
Purista® series 300 Kaffeevollautomat, silber-schwarz - Detail 2
Purista® series 300 Kaffeevollautomat, silber-schwarz - Detail 1
Purista® series 300 Kaffeevollautomat, silber-schwarz - Detail 4
Purista® series 300 Kaffeevollautomat, silber-schwarz - Detail 5
Purista® series 300 Kaffeevollautomat, silber-schwarz - Detail 6
Purista® series 300 Kaffeevollautomat, silber-schwarz - Detail 7
Purista® series 300 Kaffeevollautomat, silber-schwarz - Mood 1
Purista® series 300 Kaffeevollautomat, silber-schwarz - Mood 2
  • Pure coffee enjoyment
  • As the name suggests, Purista® has only one mission: to make coffee that does what coffee has to do - taste really good! The basis for this - state-of-the-art technology and Melitta‘s special expertise in coffee preparation.
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    Product information "Purista® Series 300 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine (Silver)"
    The Purista® is one of the narrowest fully automatic coffee machines in the world. A modern front panel, large, integrated buttons and a large rotary switch ensure easy handling. The newly designed drip tray has a stainless steel drip plate with an integrated high-quality anti-scratch plastic insert.
    AAAI241_PlusX Award Purista

    Plus X Award 2019

    The Purista® impressed judges at the world's largest innovation awards - the 'Plus X-Award' for technology, sport and lifestyle - three times over. In the categories 'high quality', 'design' and 'ease of use', it received the renowned 'Plus X-Award'. The Purista® was commended by a panel of expert judges from 26 industries.

    AAAI24_Flüsterleises Mahlwerk

    Whisperquiet grinder

    You can drink freshly ground coffee while everyone else sleeps. Your fully automatic coffee machine has a super-quiet steel cone grinder that grinds the coffee beans quickly and quietly.


    Favourite coffee feature

    You know what you want and it has to be fast? Then save your preferred coffee strength and amount. Afterwards you simply have to press the favourite coffee button. The rest is done by your fully automatic coffee machine.

    AAAI24_puristisch & kompakt

    A slim miracle

    The Purista® is really slim - only 20 cm wide! We don‘t need more space than that for the high-quality Melitta® technology.


    Companion® App

    The app includes tips and tricks for delicious moments of coffee enjoyment as well as numerous service features. In addition to information on the perfect coffee, illustrated step-by-step instructions take you through the maintenance programmes. The app also gives you help with understanding the functional status of your coffee machine with the aid of the diagnostic tool.

    AAAI24_aromatischer Kaffeegenuss

    Aromatic Coffee Enjoyment

    The new pump control system enables an ideal contact time between the water and coffee. You can now enjoy the two coffee classics of espresso and café crème with even better developed coffee aromas.



    More flavour with pre-brewing: The freshly ground coffee is moistened with water before the actual brewing process. As a result, the flavours dissolve better and where do they end up? In your coffee, of course.


    Adjustable coffee strength

    Strong in the morning, but preferably not in the evening? Just as you like - the intensity of the coffee strength is easy to adjust to your current taste from mild to medium to strong. You can adjust the amount of coffee, too, of course. Variable - exactly the way you like it.


    Five grinder settings

    Coffee just the way you like it - freshly ground from whole beans.

    AAAI_Double Cup Mode

    Double Cup Mode

    It’s better together - The Double Cup Mode allows you to make two cups of espresso or café crème at the same time. It is of course also suitable for those who drink a lot of coffee.


    Height adjustable coffee outlet

    For one or two cups, mugs or latte macchiato glasses - the coffee outlet is height adjustable to 135mm.


    LED-Symbol display

    It goes without saying - the LED display with red symbols makes using the fully automatic coffee machine simple and convenient.



    The newly designed drip tray has a stainless steel drip plate with an integrated high-quality anti-scratchplastic insert.

    AAAI_36_Entnehmb Brüh

    Removable brewing unit

    The whole brewing unit can be removed and is easy to clean. This makes the inside of the machine accessible too, so it can also be cleaned without problem.


    Automatic cleaning and descaling program

    Communication is everything. Your fully automatic coffee machine informs you on the display when it needs to be cleaned or descaled.


    Water filter

    To make your coffee taste even better, use a Melitta® Pro Aqua water filter. Another advantage - your fully automatic coffee machine only needs to be descaled once a year**. Why? It‘s obvious - the filter prevents lime deposits in the water system for as long as possible. **Based on a 120 ml cup 6 cups a day and changing the filter 6 times according to the appliance specifications.


    PRO AQUA Filter technology

    If you use a Melitta® Pro Aqua Water filter then the Barista T Smart® only needs to be descaled once a year. The filtered water not only improves the quality and the flavour of your coffee, but also prevents limescale deposits building up in the water system. (This is based on brewing six 120 ml cups of coffee a day and changing the filter six times in accordance with the appliance specifications.)


    Service button

    You want simplicity? Certainly! The service button gives you simple access to the cleaning and descaling programme, the brewing temperature and water hardness settings and the auto-off feature. Changing the filter is a piece of cake, too.


    Contemporary energy efficiency

    In addition to a programmable energy-saving mode, Melitta® fully automatic coffee machines have a practical Auto-OFF feature. This allows you to determine when your fully automatic coffee machine switches itself off automatically. Of course, you can also disconnect the appliance from the power supply manually using the 0-watt switch.

    model number: F 230-101
    Colour: Silver
    Model Series: Purista
    Dimensions (height x width x depth in mm): 334 x 200 x 459
    Weight (without packaging): 7,2 kg
    Display: LED Symboldisplay
    Programmable reference keys: no
    Premium conical steel grinder: yes
    Automatic grinding quantity regulation: yes
    Grinding degree setting: 5-level
    Quiet grinder: yes
    Bean container volume: 125g
    Active fill level monitoring Bean container: no
    Water tank volume: 1,2
    Drip tray: Stainless steel anti-scratch drip tray with plastic insert
    LED cup lighting: no
    Auto-Off function: yes
    0-Watt switch: yes
    Energy-saving mode: yes
    Power max.: 1450W
    Voltage: 220-240
    Frequency: 5060HZ
    Brewing temperature setting: 859095
    Pre-brewing function: yes
    Setting coffee strength: 3-level
    Bean Select (2-chamber bean container): no
    Shaft for instant coffee: no
    Coffee spout 2 Cup cover: yes
    Height-adjustable spout: yes
    All-in-one spout for 2 coffee-milk specialities simultaneously: no
    Italian Preparation Process (order of ingredients combination according to original Italian recipe): no
    One-Touch Drinks: Espresso, Café Crème
    My Coffee Profile: yes
    Quantity My Coffee Profiles: 1
    Number of pre-set coffee variations: 1
    App support/control: Companion App
    Milk foam system: No milk foam system
    Cover warm milk: no
    Milk container: No milk container included
    Easy steam cleaning function (cleaning of milk-bearing parts): no
    Cleaning & Care
    Removable brewing group: yes
    Setting water hardness: yes
    Water filter compatibility: yes
    Once a year descaling: yes
    Service menu key: yes
    Automatic cleaning and descaling system: yes
    Easy steam cleaning function (cleaning of milk-bearing parts): no
    Customer reviews for "Purista® Series 300 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine (Silver)"
    23 Nov 2023


    The machine looks great and does make a good cup of coffee and having the 2 cup option is great - we bought it because having bean to cup was more environmentally friendly than the pods we used previously and we can use the milk frother we had before. The downsides are that receptacles for water and coffee beans are very small and need constantly replenishing - coupled with the fact that the machine uses a huge amount of water. It also seems to burst into life about 30 minutes after you make a coffee.

    1 Jun 2023

    Slimmer build, same quality!

    The Melitta Purista is a slimmed down machine from Melitta that still offers everything you could need in quality. The major appeal of this machine for me is how practically it fits into your home. Thinking about coffee machines, two traits that usually come to mind are their size and their noise-levels. In both aspects, the Purista is extremely house-friendly. For one thing, at only 20cm wide, it is one of the narrowest fully automatic coffee machines on the market! For another, its steel cone grinder is extremely quiet, meaning you can brew your coffee first thing in the morning without worrying about waking your family. This is a coffee machine made for any home – it understands that you might not have miles of free counter space and that the bedrooms in your home might be within noisy-grinder earshot of the kitchen! However, these aren’t its only good qualities. First and foremost, to answer the important question – yes, it makes a good espresso, and a good café crème. I used to work as a barista, so I’m aware of what a complex art and science goes into that pursuit of the perfect cup, and I was pleased to see Melitta giving this a lot of thought. The aroma of the beans you’ve invested in is well-preserved by the Purista, thanks to several features designed to deliver the nuanced flavours that your chosen coffee is capable of. For example, a new pump control system has been designed to make sure the contact time between the water and the coffee is optimum, and even better, the freshly ground coffee is pre-moistened to better encourage the flavours to dissolve through and into your beverage. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of a slow drip-pour whilst still owning a machine that will make your coffee on demand in a timely manner. The Purista has five grinder settings, so you can have your beans prepared the way you like them, and you can also customise your drink through adjusting the strength and the pour amount. For extra convenience, you can program in your preferred coffee settings, and then the next time you want that style of brew, all you need to do is press the Favourite Coffee button. This is a brilliant feature, though I would prefer it if you could save several favourites – then, for example, you could program in your preferred settings for a strong morning cup and a gentler evening brew. Other modes and options include Double Cup Mode, which, quite predictably, pours two drinks at once. The height of the coffee outlet is also adjustable, allowing you to pair the machine with everything from espresso cups to latte glasses. (The height is adjustable up to 135mm.) Circling back to its practicality, this machine is easy to clean. The whole brewing unit can be taken out, cleaned and put back in without stress, and the machine even lets you know when it needs cleaning or descaling! In the case of descaling, this shouldn’t need to happen too often – only about once a year - thanks to the Melitta® Pro Aqua Water filter. With a slick design, large buttons and a clear display, everything about it is doing what it can to be attractive and convenient. It even comes with an accompanying app that gives you coffee tips and helps you to check your machine’s diagnostics if it’s ever giving you trouble. All in all, this is a handy machine. I just don’t have the room in my kitchen for most coffee machines, so I was happy to see a design that caters to this need without losing out on coffee quality. The near-silent grinder, too, makes this very worth considering – especially with two people and a dog I want to leave sleeping when I sneak out to work every morning! Pros: Slim design Quiet grinder Program a ‘Favourite Coffee’ Tells you when it needs cleaning/descaling Easy to clean Anti-scratch Five grinder settings Adjustable coffee strength Adjustable pour height -

    6 Mar 2021

    Poor Machine

    We bought this machine because in the past we have bought Militta Filter Machines, and they were always very good. However, this isn't. We bought it because it does two cups at the same time. But....
    + The right side fills more than the left
    + The construction is flimsy - locking handle for brewing mechanism became detached the first time we tried to remove it for cleaning.
    + Becasse some beans are left in the grinder from previous coffee type, you end up never getting the correct flavour of the next set of beans without wasting several cups.
    + The manual is useless - things in wrong sequence and poor english translation
    + Doesn't produce a good cremma
    + Scuff marks on a brand new machine as if it had been used before
    + On the plus side it does look good and is very compact - very disappointed. We wont be using it and therefore we have wasted £400.

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