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Double-Walled Espresso Glass

  • Take the time to enjoy your espresso
  • Beautifully designed Melitta® Espresso Glasses made from the highest quality, double-walled, borosilicate glass. Keep your espresso insulated for a longer period of time, yet cool on the outside for safe handling.
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    Purista Series 300 Bundle

    Get over £90 worth of extras when you buy the new Purista Series 300 Bean to Cup Machine.

    Get over £90 worth of extras when you buy the new Purista Series 300 Bean to Cup Machine. read more »
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    Purista Series 300 Bundle

    Get over £90 worth of extras when you buy the new Purista Series 300 Bean to Cup Machine.

    Purista® series 300 Kaffeevollautomat
    Melitta® CaféBar Selection DARK ROAST, 1000g
    Melitta® CaféBar Selection ESPRESSO CLASSIC ROAST, 1000g
    Melitta® CaféBar Selection MEDIUM ROAST, 1000g
    Perfect Clean Care Set für Kaffeevollautomaten
    Doppelwandige Espresso-Gläser
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    Purista® Series 300
    - Melitta -   £400.00 *
    Café Bar Selection Dark Roast, 1kg
    - Melitta -   £17.99 *
    Café Bar Selection Espresso, 1kg
    - Melitta -   £17.99 *
    Café Bar Selection Medium Roast, 1kg
    - Melitta -   £17.99 *
    Perfect Clean Coffee Machine Care Set
    - Melitta -   £24.95 *
    Double-Walled Espresso Glass
    - Melitta -   £11.99 *
    Product information "Double-Walled Espresso Glass"

    Built to the highest quality to safely hold your coffee without the risk of glass breakage.

    • 80ml espresso glass
    • Warm on the inside, cool on the outside
    • Dishwasher safe

    Dishwasher safe

    Good news - this product is dishwasher safe. So there is nothing to get in the way of convenient cleaning.


    Lightweight and heat resistant


    Double-walled design to maintain temperature perfectly

    The coffee should be hot, not your fingers. That's why these glasses are double-walled. You can hold the glass from the outside without any problems and at the same time your coffee stays nice and hot.


    Made of high-quality borosilicate glass

    A strong material for a heavy use - borosilicate glass. This material is ideal for glasses that are used every day because it is very temperature resistant and insensitive to heat.


    Quality based on delight in coffee

    Delight in coffee - this is what we have stood for since Melitta Bentz invented the first coffee filter in 1908, laying the foundation for modern coffee enjoyment. This delight in coffee, then as today, is our impetus to offer you always the best quality and unique coffee enjoyment, with our coffee expertise, ingenuity and love of the product.



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