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Melitta® AMANO Pour Over Coffee Maker (Chrome)

  • Designed for perfect taste.
  • Exceptional aesthetics and maximum functionality - the Melitta® AMANO combines innovative design and outstanding taste. From the iconic silhouette to the filter shape and the even coffee spout, everything leads to a Pour Over ritual that touches the senses.
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    Product information "Melitta® AMANO Pour Over Coffee Maker (Chrome)"
    With the invention of the coffee filter, Melitta Bentz revolutionized coffee enjoyment in 1908. And the journey of hand filtration continues. Baristi from all over the world have rediscovered the Pour Over trend for themselves and enjoy the calming preparation in hectic everyday life. The deliberate infusion of coffee and the ritualized process offer deceleration. Blooming is the most important aspect of this special coffee preparation: the coffee is first only lightly moistened with water and left to swell for half a minute before the water is infused further. This allows the roasting gases to escape ideally, coffee extraction is improved and the flavors can fully develop. The result is a full-bodied coffee aroma.

    Red Dot Award 2020

    The Melitta® AMANO received the Red Dot Award for its innovative design in 2020.


    Modern design with optimum function

    The minimalistic design of the Melitta® AMANO is both aesthetic and functional. The soft silicon dampers in the retaining ring ensure gentle, perfectly fitting insertion of the filter holder. The high-quality metal base with anti-slip mat guarantees a secure stand. The retaining ring and base are joined by elegant metal braces.


    Removable filter holder 1x4®

    The removable filter holder 1x4® made from high-quality tritanium not only ensures ideal brewing with its special filter ribs, but also optimum coffee flavour.


    Perfect blooming

    Thanks to its sealable outlet the filter holder of the Melitta AMANO® revolutionises brewing by hand. It ensures that the coffee has enough time for blooming and the aroma can develop in an ideal way.


    Filter seal with drip stop

    The sealable metal outlet on the filter holder serves as an additional integrated drip stop. This prevents the coffee continuing to drip and makes cleaning easier.


    Optimum water outlet

    The shape of the filter holder ensures an ideal flow of water. The double outlet supports a constant flow and ensures that the coffee is extracted evenly. For best coffee enjoyment.


    Architecture of the filter

    The filter holder is equipped with a unique rib structure that ensures optimum extraction and thus a full-bodied coffee flavour.


    Borosilicate glass jug

    The high quality borosilicate glass jug is not only heat-proof, it is also extremely beautiful. You can use it to prepare up to 700 ml of the best pour over coffee.


    Easy to clean

    The filter holder and glass jug are dishwasher-safe. This gives you more time to enjoy your freshly brewed pour over coffee.

    Colour: black-silver
    Drip stop: yes
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