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Melitta® Filter Papers Pour Over (Size 1x4® - 40 Pack, White)

  • More than just a piece of paper.
  • The Pour Over coffee filters perfect what Melitta® coffee filters have always done: get the best aroma out of your coffee. Their special paper structure has been adapted to the Pour Over process – from the ideal coffee flow to the extraction of aromas from the ground coffee beans. Leave nothing to chance.
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    Product information "Melitta® Filter Papers Pour Over (Size 1x4® - 40 Pack, White)"

    The structure is what counts

    The paper fibres that are lightly interwoven, but still tear-resistant, are the key feature of our pour-over coffee filters. The special paper structure ensures short and even filtration that aids the pour-over brewing process. Slow pouring makes a stronger coffee while fast pouring gives a milder coffee. You can therefore influence the result individually according to your taste. The single seam ensures an all-round perfect fit. And of course, all of our coffee filters are compostable.


    Details, no trivialities

    The Pour Over coffee filters are, of course, bleached exclusively using oxygen. This means that no aftertaste is formed during filtration. The micro-fine pores ensure that the aromatic substances flow into your coffee better. Also, we decided on the single seam for an all-round perfect fit – that is, of course, sturdy and tear-resistant.


    All a question of timing

    Our Pour Over coffee filters aid a perfectly balanced contact time between the coffee powder and the water. This is important as the coffee will become bitter if the contact time is too long.


    Perfect interaction

    All factors have to work together for a really good Pour Over coffee. Therefore, the Pour Over coffee filters have been developed as components of a system with which you can enjoy top-quality, Pour Over coffee at home. The Pour Over coffee filters 1x4® fit perfectly in the Melitta AMANO® and Melitta® EPOS® filter holders. Ideal coffee extraction is possible in interaction with the filter ribs.


    Quality based on delight in coffee

    Delight in coffee - this is what we have stood for since Melitta Bentz invented the first coffee filter in 1908, laying the foundation for modern coffee enjoyment. This delight in coffee, then as today, is our impetus to offer you always the best quality and unique coffee enjoyment, with our coffee expertise, ingenuity and love of the product.

    size: 1x4®
    pack contents: 40
    Aromazones: no
    Customer reviews for "Melitta® Filter Papers Pour Over (Size 1x4® - 40 Pack, White)"
    15 Jan 2022

    Does what it says on the box.

    I don’t believe these filter papers take away any of the taste and flavours of the ground coffee beans, in the preparation of a pour-over cup of coffee.

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