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Melitta® EPOS® Coffee Machine

  • Handmade at the touch of a button.
  • Melitta® EPOS® turns each second into a sensational experience. From the aroma of the freshly ground coffee beans to the first sip. Our first electric Pour Over system, with integrated grinder, makes coffee as delicious as if you brewed it by hand. Simply, at the touch of a button. And it is also a visual treat.
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    Melitta® Filter Papers Pour Over (Size 1x4® - 40 Pack, White)
    Melitta® Filter Papers Pour Over (Size 1x4® - 40 Pack, White)
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    Product information "Melitta® EPOS® Coffee Machine"
    In 1908, a simple yet ingenious idea revolutionised the pleasure of coffee. Now the journey continues for manual filtering. Baristas from all over the world have rediscovered the pour-over trend for themselves and are taking a stance against the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The mindful pouring of water and the ritual of the process gives you a chance to slow down. The Blooming is the most important part of this special way of preparing coffee: to begin with, you only dampen the coffee lightly with the water and allow it to bloom before pouring over more water. This allows the roasting gases to be released in an ideal way, coffee extraction is improved and the flavour can develop fully. The result is a full-bodied coffee flavour. Our Melitta® EPOS® is the first electric pour-over system with integrated grinder. It combines pour-over with innovative technology and modern design. Freshly brewed pour-over coffee – handmade at the touch of a button.

    As if brewed by hand - 360° rotating water spout

    The water spout rotates 360° and changes direction and water flow depending on the brewing profile. This ensures that the coffee powder is optimally wetted almost as if by hand. Thanks to the different brewing profiles, your coffee will always be equally good regardless of the quantity, whether for two or eight cups.


    It all begins with the coffee beans – the integrated grinder

    Perfect pour-over coffee begins with freshly ground coffee beans. Thanks to the variable grinding fineness settings for the integrated grinder in the Melitta® EPOS®, you yourself can decide how coarse or fine you want to grind your coffee.


    The pre-brew function for the ideal blooming

    The perfect aroma is created by the pre-brewing function, which gives the coffee time for the ideal blooming. This allows the aroma to unfold in the best possible way.



    Regular descaling of your coffee maker is necessary for its proper functioning, long service life and best coffee taste. Our Melitta® EPOS® shows you when this is the case simply by lighting up the scale indicator.


    Variable brewing strength – coffee as you like it

    You can choose from three settings for the strength of your coffee. The Melitta® EPOS® selects the right quantity of coffee powder for the required number of cups according to the set brewing strength.


    Modern touch panel

    You can use the touch panel not only to switch the EPOS® on and off, but also to set the cup quantity, brewing strength and pre-brewing function individually. Select how your coffee should taste by simply pressing a button.


    Removable water tank

    The removable transparent water tank allows you to read off the filling amount very easily. This also makes filling and cleaning simple.


    Whole beans or powdered coffee - you decide

    The Melitta® EPOS® allows you to grind your beans freshly with the integrated grinder. It also allows you to use ground coffee.


    Hot plate

    Thanks to the hot plate, your freshly brewed coffee stays warm for up to 40 minutes. After that, the machine switches off automatically.


    Easy to clean

    The bean container and the grinder ring can be removed for easy cleaning. You can simply put the filter holder and the borosilicate glass jug into the dishwasher after use.


    Seal of the European Coffee Brewing Center (ECBC)

    The innovative brewing technology of Melitta® EPOS® has been awarded the seal of the European Coffee Brewing Center (ECBC). The seal is awarded to coffee machines that meet the highest European quality standards for coffee preparation. These are measured, among other things, by the perfect brewing temperature and time. Top coffee quality with letter and seal - that's why we give a three-year manufacturer's warranty on Melitta® EPOS®.

    Type designation: 1024-04
    Colour: Black-Gold
    Model Series: Epos®
    Jug type: Glass jug
    Type designation (Jug): RJ-B-04-bk
    Filter type: Removable filter holder
    Drip stop: yes
    Filter size: 1x4®
    Water tank: With cup scale, Removable, Removable
    Water tank volume (L): 1,00
    Maximum coffee quantity: 8 cups
    Warm keeping time hotplate: 40 minutes
    Awards: ECBC-certified
    Device dimensions (height x width x depth in mm): 357 x 311 x 359
    Weight (kg): 4,6
    Display: no
    Timer function: no
    Aroma function: Aroma Control, Verschiedene Brühprofile, Aroma Premium Technology
    Special features: End of brewing signal, End of brewing signal, 3-in-1 limescale protection, Separate heating element for warm keeping, Separate heating element for warm keeping
    Automatic switch off: yes
    Cleaning & Care
    Descaling function: Descaling display, Descaling display
    Removable parts: Filter, Jug lid, Jug lid, Water tank, Mahlwerksring, Jug lid, Filter
    Dishwasher safe parts: Kannendeckel, Filter, Filter element
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