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Melitta® BellaCrema® Special Coffee Beans, 1kg

Melitta® BellaCrema® Speciale, Kaffeebohnen, 1000g
  • Experience the mild and creamy flavour of whole coffee beans.
  • By gently roasting we unfold the mild aroma and light character of our Speciale variety, which is crowned with a delicate light golden crema. Ideal as the basis for tempting coffee-milk specialities. Packed in a protective atmosphere.
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    Content: 1 kilogram

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    Product information "Melitta® BellaCrema® Special Coffee Beans, 1kg"

    100% arabica & BellaCrema®

    Coffee is a natural product, the taste depends on a variety of factors. To keep the taste of BellaCrema® constant a variety of bean types are mixed with one another. The blend is constantly adjusted. The aim is to achieve constantly high quality. This is why the Melitta BellaCrema® blend is composed of beans from various countries in South and Central America. One thing they all have in common - we always use arabica coffee beans. By using 100% arabica beans we guarantee perfect flavour. In comparison to the sharp, slightly bitter robusta beans, arabica coffee is especially fine and mild in flavour. The intensive fragrance is also due to the purity of the beans. With 100% arabica the crema has a fine hazelnut brown to reddish tone. Only a blend of 100% arabica gives you 100% coffee enjoyment.


    Melitta® Second Cracking

    Make a simple roasting? That's not enough for us. Our roasting process reaches perfection, up to the point of the \"second cracking\". That's what our roasting professionals call it. That is to say, the moment when the coffee bean cracks for the second time, fully releasing its 800 aromas.

    Interesting fact: it is a job that no computer can do, even today. This point can only be detected by experienced professionals - through their feelings, skills and experience.

    Name and address of the producer: Melitta Europa Geschäftsbereich Kaffee, Dortmunder Straße 1, 28199 Bremen
    sales description: whole bean roasted coffee
    Weight (g): 1000
    Information: packaged in controlled atmosphere
    Coffee category: whole bean
    Decaffinated: no
    Empfohlen für: Milchschaumspezialitaeten
    Ideally suited for: Fully automatic
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