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LOOK® Therm Perfection

  • The perfect combination of design and long-lasting coffee enjoyment.
  • The Melitta® LOOK® Therm Perfection ensures long-lasting coffee enjoyment with a modern design. It will impress you with many high-quality functions, like the patented AromaSelector® for individual setting of the brewing strength and a removable water tank. The double-wall, stainless steel insulated jug that reliably keeps the coffee hot is a further highlight. This means you can also enjoy your coffee even longer.
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    Product information "LOOK® Therm Perfection"
    AAAB_It´s a match7

    It’s a match

    The design and colours of our LOOK® coffee machines and our LOOK® Aqua kettles are perfectly matched to each other. For a harmonious look on your kitchen counter.

    AAAB_Abnehmbarer Wassertank

    Removable, transparent water tank with cup markings

    Filling and cleaning the water tank has never been so easy. The transparent water tank has a handle recess and is easy to take out of the appliance. The easy to read cup markings make measuring amounts simple.


    Break-proof, double-wall stainless steel insulated jug

    The coffee machine is equipped with a high-quality insulated jug that keeps the coffee hot for long. The double-wall stainless steel body ensures good heat insulation and also makes the jug break- and shock-proof.


    Brew-through lid with easy click function

    Forget the screw top: the jug lid has an impressive brew-through function and easy click feature. While brewing, the coffee runs into the insulated jug through the closed lid and is ready to serve. To open and close the jug lid, for example, when you want to clean the jug, simply press and hold in the side catches and lift off the lid or fit it again.


    Patented AromaSelector®

    From mild to strong: the patented AromaSelector® allows you to set the intensity of the coffee to your taste with just one flick of the wrist – without changing the coffee or water quantity. Always enjoy your favourite coffee how you want it – for example, as a strong wake-up in the morning and as a mild pleasant coffee in the afternoon. The AromaSelector® always ensures an optimum and varied taste experience.

    AAAB_Praktischer Schwenkfilter2

    Practical hinged filter holder with removable filter insert

    Easy to use: the coffee machine has a practical hinged filter holder with removable filter insert. This makes inserting the coffee filter particularly easy. After preparation, you can remove the filter insert and clean it in the dishwasher if necessary.

    AAAB_Tropfstopp (Therm)

    Filter with drip stop

    No mess: the filter holder features a practical drip stop. When you remove the insulated jug, a closing mechanism closes the flow-through from the filter. This prevents annoying dripping and unsightly coffee stains.

    AAAB_3-in-1 Kalkschutz

    3-in-1 calc protection

    To ensure that your coffee machine works perfectly, has a long life and gives you the best coffee flavour, you will need to descale your coffee machine on a regular basis. This is why this coffee machine gives you 3-in-1 calc protection with programmable water hardness, an indicator showing the level of calcification and a practical, automatic descaling program.

    AAAB_Automatische Abschaltung

    Automatic switch-off

    Economical and reliable: the appliance switches off automatically 15 minutes after the end of the brewing process. You can, of course, switch off the coffee machine manually at any time.

    AAAB_Elemente aus Edelstahl

    Stainless steel features

    The many stainless steel features ensure a high-quality look and add a shine to your kitchen.


    Further features

    • Filter size 1x4® • Max. coffee quantity: 10 cups • Tested safety • Safe under food law • Max. output: 1,080 watts • Illuminated on/off switch • Integrated cable-winding facility

    Type designation: 1025-16
    Colour: black
    Model Series: Look®
    Jug type: Stainless steel insulated jug
    Type designation (Jug): RTJ-SST-A-01-bk
    Filter type: Swing filter with removable filter insert
    Drip stop: yes
    Filter size: 1x4®
    Water tank: With cup scale, Removable, With cup scale
    Water tank volume (L): 1,25
    Maximum coffee quantity: 10 cups
    Device dimensions (height x width x depth in mm): 367 x 241 x 263
    Weight (kg): 2,78
    Display: no
    Timer function: no
    Aroma function: AromaSelector®
    Special features: 3-in-1 limescale protection
    Automatic switch off: yes
    Cleaning & Care
    Descaling function: Descaling display, Adjustable water hardness level, Descaling display
    Removable parts: Filter, Jug lid, Spout/Water overflow, Filter insert, Water tank
    Dishwasher safe parts: Kannendeckel, Filter element, Filter element
    Customer reviews for "LOOK® Therm Perfection"
    8 Sep 2022

    Auto descale deal maker - hope it works well

    A good looking and expensive and sturdy looking machine. Cannot see any benefit in having a timer on the more expensive version of this machine - when you want a cup of coffee you make it, or have it ready to turn on when you want it.

    Three points:
    1) I cannot see any difference in the speed of filtering using the dial on the top of the machine. If anything it filters much too fast and am experimenting with turning off for a minute once the coffee is covered with hot water to allow infusion(and hopefully remembering to turn back on again to finish !) My old de'Longhi machine, with rusty hot plate, finally burned out, thus the change of machine, but it used to bing a sound when filtering was finished which was useful whereas this one just has the green light go out.

    2) It is much more environmental to use a permanent plastic filter rather than paper to throw away each time (there again Melitta make all the filter papers so what can you expect !) but my plastic 1x4 filter is very fiddly to fit in the machine in place of the paper as it sticks up and catches the top as you close. Deliberate ? (see above)

    3) I cannot see any real advantage in the removeable reservoir (unless the machine has to fit under low kitchen cupboards) as surely every serious coffee maker uses filtered water ! In which case it would be much more sense to have the lid attached to the machine or, like some other machines, a domed filling porthole near the front of the lid through which you can pour the filtered water - Melitta please note - where do you put the lid while filling at the tap ? Splitting hairs, but I do find the lid which makes the machine look nice and pain (to find ?) and fit.

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