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Melitta® amigo® coffee grinder

  • Your best friend when it comes to fresh coffee.
  • Our electric coffee grinder Melitta® amigo® with a capacity of 60 g, two high-quality, stainless steel blades and simple operation guarantees fresh enjoyment in every cup. You control the grinding process by holding down the button until the coffee beans are ground to the fineness required for the specific preparation type. Freshly ground – for your moment of aromatic coffee enjoyment.
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    Product information "Melitta® amigo® coffee grinder"

    Grinder blade for different grinding finenesses

    The two blades made from high-quality stainless steel ensure freshly ground coffee. You regulate the grinding fineness by holding down the button until you obtain the fineness you want for the different coffee variations.

    AAAK21_Kompaktes Design

    Compact design for up to 60 g of coffee beans

    There is space for the amigo® coffee grinder in any kitchen thanks to its modern and compact design. Despite the small dimensions, the container can hold up to 60 g of coffee beans. This means you can prepare eight to ten cups of fresh coffee.

    AAAK21_Komfortable Bedienung

    Simple operation

    The lid on the amigo® coffee grinder is equipped with an integrated container. You can use it as a filling aid to make preparation easier. Furthermore, the lid is transparent giving you a perfect view of the coffee during the grinding process.


    High safety standard & Auto OFF

    \"The amigo® coffee grinder will start the grinding process only if the lid has been closed. This ensures extra safety. In addition, the coffee grinder has an Auto-OFF function that protects it from overheating.* * This appliance is designed to be used for a maximum of 30 seconds. If the grinding process lasts more than 3 x 30 seconds, the appliance will switch off automatically for safety reasons. It then needs to cool down at room temperature for 3 minutes.\"


    Coffee knowledge: what is the right grinding fineness?

    \"As we all now, tastes vary, so the grinding time can be adjusted to the respective type of preparation. The longer the coffee beans are ground, the finer the coffee powder. We recommend: - French press (coarse grinding fineness): grind 15 g coffee for approx. 10 sec., 60 g coffee for approx. 19 sec. - Filter coffee (medium grinding fineness): grind 15 g coffee for approx. 16 sec., 60 g coffee for approx. 28 sec. - Espresso (fine grinding fineness): grind approx. 10 g for 15–20 sec.\"


    Further features

    • Stands securely thanks to rubber feet • Maximum output: 170 watts • Compact design (H x W x D): 194 x 93 x 107 mm • Cleaning brush • Cable-winding facility • Safe under food law

    grinding level stages: variabel
    Reinigungspinsel inklusive: yes
    Fassungsvermögen (Bohnenbehälter): 60g
    safety lock: yes
    Colour: Black-Chrome
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