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Melitta® Epour® Electronic Pour Over Filter Coffee Machine

  • The Taste of Perfection.
  • Rethinking filter coffee. The Melitta® epour® sets new standards in the preparation of filter coffee and offers you coffee enjoyment at its best. Every detail is devised to perfect coffee preparation: the rotating water outlet with individual brewing profiles, the pre-brewing function and the constantly high brewing temperature together create a taste experience that will impress you.
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    Product information "Melitta® Epour® Electronic Pour Over Filter Coffee Machine"
    The evolution of good coffee: sometimes one detail can change everything. Melitta Bentz realised this back in 1908. Her seemingly small, but game-changing idea – the coffee filter – revolutionised coffee preparation at the time. Over 100 years later, the Melitta® epour® is creating a new milestone with its leading-edge brewing technology in which every detail is designed for perfect coffee enjoyment. Full aroma development with small and large preparation quantities, intense, but a less bitter taste and hot coffee enjoyment. Melitta® epour® – The Taste of Perfection.

    A spin is all it takes to open new perspectives.

    The 360° rotating water outlet with alternating direction ensures precise and even distribution of the hot water. The coffee is therefore dampened with water in an optimum way – inspired by the careful circling motions you use to make filter coffee by hand.


    Let your coffee bloom.

    Thanks to the pre-brewing function, the coffee is dampened with hot water before the actual start of brewing and then has a short time to expand. This allows the coffee to bloom slowly and the fine coffee aromas to develop fully.

    AAAB28_Brewing Profiles

    Whether a large or small cup. Always filled with pleasure.

    Since quantity matters in addition to quality, the Melitta® epour® automatically switches between four different brewing profiles to extract the coffee optimally according to the amount being prepared. In this way, you always enjoy the intense taste of filter coffee no matter whether you want to prepare just a small amount for yourself or several cups for friends and family.


    Optimum brewing temperature and time.

    Long awaited, but only brief contact. The unmistakable taste of filter coffee is achieved when hot water hits the ground coffee and the contact time is comparatively short. The high-power heating element in the Melitta® epour® guarantees an ideal, constantly high brewing temperature of 92 to 96°C and the innovative water distribution ensures an optimum brewing time of four to six minutes.


    An award winner.

    The brewing technology of the Melitta® epour® was awarded the seal of the European Coffee Brewing Centre (ECBC) in Oslo. This label is awarded only to filter coffee machines that meet the highest quality standards for coffee preparation. Outstanding coffee quality under hand and seal – this is why we give an extended manufacturer’s three-year guarantee for the Melitta® epour®.


    Well thought out down to the last detail.

    For maximum convenience, the transparent water tank can be removed allowing you to fill and clean it directly under the tap. The cup markings on both sides make it easy to measure the amount of water you need – ideal for right- and left-handed users.

    AAAB28_Drip Stop

    For coffee lovers who cannot wait.

    Thanks to the integrated drip stop on the filter holder, you can even pour yourself a cup of coffee before the brewing process is completed – without worrying about drips when you remove the jug.


    Easy-to-use keep-warm function.

    Filter coffee tastes best when freshly brewed. If you are unable to enjoy your coffee straight away, the integrated keep-warm plate will reliably keep it hot for up to 40 minutes. The Melitta® epour® then switches off automatically.


    Modern touch panel.

    The Melitta® epour® is easy to use thanks to the modern touch panel. The pre-brew function can be activated or deactivated with the PRE-BREW button. Furthermore, you have the option of controlling the rotation direction of the water spout manually using the CONTROL button or of programming your own brewing profile in “Barista Mode”.


    Space-saving, open design.

    The perfect combination of function and design. Only 17 cm wide – that is all our high-quality Melitta® technology needs. Also, thanks to its open, stylish design, the Melitta® epour® makes preparing coffee an experience that encompasses all the senses.


    Simple cleaning.

    The 1x4® size removable filter holder and the glass jug made from high-quality borosilicate glass can be simply cleaned in your dishwasher after use.


    Practical LED limescale indicator.

    To ensure that your coffee machine works perfectly, has a long life and gives you the best coffee flavour, you need to descale your coffee machine regularly. The practical LED limescale indicator on the Melitta® epour® lights up when it is time to descale the coffee machine.

    Type designation: 1024-11
    Colour: Black-Chrome
    Model Series: Epour
    Jug type: Glass jug
    Type designation (Jug): RJ-B-04-bk
    Filter type: Removable filter holder
    Drip stop: yes
    Filter size: 1x4®
    Water tank: With cup scale, Removable, With cup scale, Transparent
    Water tank volume (L): 1,00
    Maximum coffee quantity: 8 cups
    Warm keeping time hotplate: 40 minutes
    Awards: ECBC-certified
    Device dimensions (height x width x depth in mm): 357 x 167 x 359
    Weight (kg): 2,7
    Display: no
    Timer function: no
    Aroma function: Aroma Premium Technology, Verschiedene Brühprofile, Pre-brewing feature
    Special features: End of brewing signal, Separate heating element for warm keeping, Touchpanel
    Automatic switch off: yes
    Cleaning & Care
    Descaling function: Descaling display
    Removable parts: Filter, Jug lid, Spout/Water overflow, Water tank
    Dishwasher safe parts: Kannendeckel, Filter element, Filter, Jug lid
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