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CI Touch® Fully Automatic Coffee Machine (Black)

CI Touch® Kaffeevollautomat, schwarz
CI Touch® Kaffeevollautomat, schwarz - Detail 2
CI Touch® Kaffeevollautomat, schwarz - Detail 4
CI Touch® Kaffeevollautomat, schwarz - Detail 5
CI Touch® Kaffeevollautomat, schwarz - Detail 3
CI Touch® Kaffeevollautomat, schwarz - Detail 6
CI Touch® Kaffeevollautomat, schwarz - Detail 7
CI Touch® Kaffeevollautomat, schwarz - Detail 8
CI Touch® Kaffeevollautomat, schwarz - Detail 9
CI Touch® Kaffeevollautomat, schwarz - Detail 10
  • Fully automatic coffee machine with simple touch-start function
  • A stunning, black exterior to bring style and class to your coffee machine. The Melitta CI Touch® is a fully automated coffee machine, providing 10 delicious coffee specialities with the simple touch of a button. Unlike other coffee machines, you get a whisper-quiet grinder that's capable of grinding two different types of bean with the two-chamber bean container.
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    Product information "CI Touch® Fully Automatic Coffee Machine (Black)"
    • 4 classic coffees prepared at the touch of a button
    • Enjoy more coffee varieties with \"Manual Bean Select\" options
    • NEW! descaling process with the PRO AQUA Coffee Filter
    • Barista T Smart® Grinder for almost silent grinding
    AAAI_Ausgezeichneter Kaffeegenuss

    Award-winning coffee enjoyment

    Our brewing process ensures optimal development of the coffee flavour and thus excellent coffee enjoyment. Thanks to the pre-infusion function, the freshly ground coffee powder is dampened briefly before the actual brewing process, i.e. before your coffee is brewed with a perfectly adjusted contact time between the water and coffee.

    AAAI37_10 Kaffeerezepte

    10 Coffee recipes – original preparation

    The four classics, espresso, café crème, cappuccino and latte macchiato, are selected directly with a single, light touch on the touch sensor buttons. Six additional coffee variations such as lungo, ristretto and americano can be selected via the menu. The “Italian Preparation Process” ensures a particularly authentic taste as the ingredients are combined in the right order using the original Italian recipe. This means that, for latte macchiato, the espresso is added after the milk and the milk froth. For cappuccino, it is the exact opposite.

    AAAI_Manual Bean Select

    Manual Bean Select

    The “Manual Bean Select” dual-chamber bean container allows you to choose between two different bean varieties. You can set the right bean variety for your favourite coffee. The integrated ground coffee chute also allows you to use coffee that has already been ground.

    AAAI37_Komfortable Touch-Bedienung

    Simple one-touch operation

    You can choose and customise selected coffee variations like espresso, café crème, cappuccino and latte macchiato with just one touch of the sensor fields – if necessary, even while they are being dispensed. You can also dispense hot milk, milk froth and hot water simply and conveniently with one touch. The step-by-step instructions on the high-resolution TFT colour display ensure simple and intuitive operation.

    AAAI_Individueller Kaffeegenuss

    Individual coffee enjoyment

    This automatic coffeemaker allows you to save custom recipes for up to four people. This means that you will not have to set your personalised coffee preferences each time you dispense a beverage. In addition to the brewing strength (four settings) and the grinding fineness (five settings), you can also adjust the temperature and coffee quantity to your individual taste. The “Double Cup” function allows you to prepare two cups of numerous coffee specialities at the same time – with or without milk – and enjoy them in company.

    AAAI_Flüsterleises Mahlwerk

    Ultra-quiet grinder

    Low-noise top technology: the steel conical burr grinder in this automatic coffeemaker grinds the coffee beans particularly quietly. Your conversations will no longer be interrupted and, in the morning, you will not wake anyone up when you make your coffee. For quiet coffee enjoyment at any time you want.

    AAAI_Höhenverstellbarer Auslauf (k)

    Height-adjustable all-in-one outlet

    “All in One” and still kept neatly apart: the separate nozzles in the dispensing outlet for coffee, milk and hot water allow simple preparation of a wide range of beverages. Very simply at the push of a button and without moving the cup. Glasses and tall cups also fit under the height-adjustable dispensing outlet (140 mm) – the integrated LED lighting presents your favourite coffee in the proper light and adds to the pleasant anticipation of your moment of coffee enjoyment.

    AAAI_Einfache Reinigung

    Simple cleaning

    \"It is important to clean your automatic coffeemaker on a regular basis to ensure it works perfectly, gives you the best coffee flavour and has a long life. The display on your automatic coffeemaker tells you when cleaning or descaling is necessary. It guides you through the process with simple step-by-step instructions. The brewing unit is simple to remove so you can also clean the interior easily. Furthermore, we recommend using a Melitta® Pro Aqua water filter. It filters the water each time a beverage is dispensed to ensure true coffee flavour and optimum taste. It also prevents limescale deposits in the water circuit meaning you only need to descale your automatic coffeemaker once per year.* * This figure is based on a 120 ml cup fill level with six dispensing processes per day and six filter changes according to the appliance information.\"


    Cleaning milk system

    The “Easy Steam Cleaning” function allows you to clean all milk system parts quickly and hygienically with hot water and steam after beverages are dispensed. Furthermore, you can simply remove them for even more intensive cleaning. The supplied milk container can be kept in the refrigerator and cleaned in the dishwasher.

    AAAI_Bewusste Bedienung

    Conscious operation

    For the sake of the environment: our Melitta® automatic coffeemakers have a practical Auto OFF function in addition to a programmable energy-saving mode. This allows you to set the automatic switch-off time for your coffeemaker – for particularly economic usage. Of course, you can alternatively switch the appliance off manually via the 0-Watt switch. We have also developed our own sustainability label called Mission Eco&Care. It will help you choose an appliance that guarantees conscious enjoyment.

    model number: F630-102
    Colour: Black
    Model Series: CI
    Dimensions (height x width x depth in mm): 345 x 255 x 475
    Weight (without packaging): 9,3 kg
    Display: TFT Colour-Display
    Programmable reference keys: yes
    Premium conical steel grinder: yes
    Automatic grinding quantity regulation: yes
    Grinding degree setting: 5-level
    Quiet grinder: yes
    Bean container volume: 270g
    Active fill level monitoring Bean container: no
    Water tank volume: 1,8
    Drip tray: Stainless steel drip tray
    LED cup lighting: yes
    Auto-Off function: yes
    0-Watt switch: yes
    Energy-saving mode: yes
    Power max.: 1400W
    Voltage: 220-240
    Frequency: 5060HZ
    Brewing temperature setting: 859095
    Pre-brewing function: yes
    Setting coffee strength: 4-level
    Bean Select (2-chamber bean container): yes
    Shaft for instant coffee: yes
    Coffee spout 2 Cup cover: yes
    Height-adjustable spout: yes
    All-in-one spout for 2 coffee-milk specialities simultaneously: yes
    Italian Preparation Process (order of ingredients combination according to original Italian recipe): yes
    One-Touch Drinks: Espresso, Espresso, Latte macchiato, Cappuccino, Cafe Creme, Milkfoam
    My Coffee Profile: yes
    Quantity My Coffee Profiles: 4
    Number of pre-set coffee variations: 10
    App support/control: None
    Milk foam system: One Touch-Milk-Function
    Cover warm milk: yes
    Milk container: Plastic + chrome
    Easy steam cleaning function (cleaning of milk-bearing parts): yes
    Cleaning & Care
    Removable brewing group: yes
    Setting water hardness: yes
    Water filter compatibility: yes
    Once a year descaling: no
    Service menu key: no
    Automatic cleaning and descaling system: yes
    Easy steam cleaning function (cleaning of milk-bearing parts): yes
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