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Melitta Optima® Timer filter coffee machine

  • Coffee enjoyment at any time.
  • The Melitta Optima® Timer with filter size 102® stands for optimally delicious, preplanned coffee enjoyment. Simply set the required time, fill the water tank and insert the coffee filter. The coffee machine will switch on at the programmed time and have a jug of freshly brewed filter coffee ready for you.
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    Product information "Melitta Optima® Timer filter coffee machine"
    AAAB_Praktische Timer

    Practical timer function

    The timer function with LED display gives you true coffee enjoyment at the time you set. Program when your coffee machine is to start brewing and wake up to the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, for instance. The appliance switches on automatically at the programmed time and starts the brewing process.

    AAAB27_Detachable Watertank

    Removable water tank with easy to read cup level markings

    For maximum convenience, the water tank can be removed so that it can be filled and cleaned directly under the tap. Measuring the right amount of water is child's play thanks to the easy to read cup level markings on the front.


    Practical hinged filter holder with removable filter insert

    Easy to use: the coffee machine has a practical hinged filter holder with removable filter insert. This makes inserting the coffee filter particularly easy. After brewing, the filter insert can be easily removed to dispose of the coffee filter.

    AAAB_Tropfstopp (Glas_C)

    Filter with drip stop

    No mess: the integrated drip stop on the filter prevents the coffee from dripping when you remove the glass jug.


    Filter insert and jug are dishwasher safe

    The removable filter insert and the glass jug are dishwasher safe. This makes cleaning quick and easy.

    AAAB_3-in-1 Kalkschutz

    3-in-1 calc protection

    To ensure that your coffee machine works perfectly, has a long life and gives you the best coffee flavour, you will need to descale your coffee machine on a regular basis. This is why this coffee machine gives you 3-in-1 calc protection with programmable water hardness, an indicator showing the level of calcification and a practical, automatic descaling program.


    Brushed stainless steel features

    Stainless steel features on the filter and the jug handle give the coffee machine a modern look.

    AAAB_Weitere Ausstattung_Optima

    Further features

    • Filter size 102® • Maximum output: 850 watts • Warm-keeping time can be set to 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 minutes • Integrated cable-winding facility • Safe under food law

    Type designation: 100801
    Colour: black
    Model Series: Optima®
    Jug type: Glass jug
    Type designation (Jug): RJ-B-01-bk-SST
    Filter type: Filter holder with removable filter insert
    Drip stop: yes
    Filter size: 102®
    Water tank: With cup scale, Removable, Removable
    Water tank volume (L): 1,00
    Maximum coffee quantity: 8 cups
    Warm keeping time hotplate: Programmable: 30/60/90/120 minutes
    Device dimensions (height x width x depth in mm): 335 x 255 x 200
    Weight (kg): 2,30
    Display: no
    Timer function: yes
    Special features: 3-in-1 limescale protection
    Automatic switch off: yes
    Cleaning & Care
    Descaling function: Descaling display, Adjustable water hardness level, Descaling display
    Removable parts: Filter, Jug lid, Jug lid, Filter, Water tank
    Dishwasher safe parts: Filter element, Water tank lid, Filter, Filter element
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