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Melitta® AMANO Pour Over Coffee Filter

  • Designed for perfect taste
  • Exceptional aesthetics and maximum functionality - the Melitta® AMANO combines innovative design and outstanding taste. From the iconic silhouette and filter shape to the even coffee spout, everything leads to a Pour Over ritual that touches the senses.
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    Product information "Melitta® AMANO Pour Over Coffee Filter"

    With the invention of the coffee filter, Melitta Bentz revolutionised coffee enjoyment in 1908. And the journey of hand filtration continues. Barista from all over the world have rediscovered the Pour Over trend and enjoy the soothing preparation in hectic everyday life.

    The conscious infusion of coffee and the ritualised process offer deceleration. Blooming is the most important aspect of this special coffee preparation: the coffee is first lightly moistened with water and allowed to swell for half a minute before the water is poured on further. This allows the roasting gases to escape ideally, improves coffee extraction and allows the flavors to fully develop. The result is a full-bodied coffee aroma.

    Our Melitta® AMANO combines tradition with aesthetics to delivery a truly exceptional coffee experience.










    Colour: Schwarz-Gold, Black-Gold
    Size of filter: 1x4®
    LED button: no
    Removable bean container: no
    Transparent water tank: no
    descaling indicator: no
    Adjustable Coffee Strength (mild, medium, strong): no
    Integrated Grinder: no
    Switchable grinding mechanism: no
    Removable water tank: no
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