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Melitta Coffee Measuring Spoon Stainless Steel

  • Precisely the right amount
  • The stainless steel coffee measuring spoon makes it child's play to measure out your coffee. The spoon holds 8 g of coffee - the ideal amount for a large cup.
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    Product information "Melitta Coffee Measuring Spoon Stainless Steel"
    Whether you like your coffee mild or strong, you can easily find the right strength for your tastes with this stainless steel coffee spoon. The long handle on the spoon makes it easy to reach the bottom of the pack of coffee.

    Easy to measure for the perfect coffee

    How many spoons was it again? With this stainless steel coffee spoon, the answer is finally clear and simple. The spoon holds 8 g, which is the ideal amount for a large cup of coffee.


    Dishwasher safe

    Good news - this product is dishwasher safe. So there is nothing to get in the way of convenient cleaning.


    Stainless steel

    Made with high quality stainless steel, this product will look dazzling in your kitchen.

    material: Edelstahl
    Category: Accessories
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