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If you love to create delicious coffee moments at home but want to save money, a refurbished bean to cup machine is perfect for your household. Our selection of refurbished bean to cup machines offer a range of great features and coffee options that are available with every Melitta bean to cup machine, but at a reduced price.

Recreate barista style coffee from the comfort of your home, create delicious latte’s, cappuccinos, espresso’s, flat whites and more with our wide range of personalisation options. Treat yourself and household by picking from machines which can include over 21 recipe selections.

Fully Tested and Cleaned

Each of our refurbished bean to cup machines are fully tested and cleaned by our service technician. This means the coffee machine is taken apart and brought back to life which may mean replacing parts of the machine that are faulty or are causing issues. Many of our refurbished coffee machines have no issues and simply need a spruce up.

Once the refurbished bean to cup coffee machine is put back together it goes through testing. This involves testing each option and feature to make sure that the coffee machine creates delicious tasting coffee every time. If everything is working well the machine is fully cleaned and disinfected and packed back up ready to be sold online.

If the coffee machine does not pass our testing the service technicians will go back and fix or replace any parts that are causing issues, until the coffee machine passes the testing stage.

Damaged Packaging

Some of our refurbished coffee machines simply have a few damages on the packaging which can occasionally occur during transit. This means we can’t sell them as new, so they are placed on the refurbished section of the site with a discount applied. There may also be some other superficial scratches on our refurbished bean to cup machines, but you can rest in the knowledge that every machine will be in 100% working order.

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

When buying a refurbished bean to cup machine we want to provide reassurance to our customers that their Melitta coffee machine will stand the test of time. Each of our coffee machines comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and we are more than happy to fix any issues during the first year.


Each of our refurbished bean to cup coffee machines come with a selection of features unique to that product. Some of the great features to look out for include:

Automatic Cleaning

Keeping your coffee machine clean is important to prolong its life and create the perfect cup of coffee every time. The automatic cleaning and descaling programme displays when the machine is due to be cleaned, this is based on the amount the machine is used, follow the simple step by step process to keep your machine in top working order.

My Coffee Memory

This feature allows you to programme your favourite coffee profiles so that you can quickly and easily create your favourite coffee at the touch of a button. You can setup separate profiles for each of your household members, so everyone can enjoy their favourite coffee moment quickly and easily with very little hassle and effort.

Companion® App

The Melitta Companion® App allows you to transform your bean to cup coffee machine into a smart coffee machine. The app controls many of the coffee machine functions from your phone, set coffee profiles, go through step-by-step cleaning programmes and you can even create your own coffee specialities. Choose the order in which the ingredients are added to your mug, the amount of coffee, frothed milk, water, and more customisable options easily within the Companion® App.