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Single 5® Therm Filter Coffee Machine + Thermal Travel Mug

  • You have to go? Take your coffee with you.
  • Even if you're in a hurry - do you really want to go without coffee? Unthinkable! That's what the insulated mug is for! The Single 5® also has an insulated jug. Both are made of unbreakable stainless steel. In small kitchens the compact size is an additional plus. Exclusive to Melitta.
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    Product information "Single 5® Therm Filter Coffee Machine + Thermal Travel Mug"
    • 5-cup coffee maker
    • Aroma valve: for maximum enjoyment and the perfect coffee temperature, even with small volumes
    • Slimline, space-saving design
    • Removable filter insert
    • Drip-stop
    • 650 Watts
    • Filter bags: size 1x4

    Insulated jug and insulated mug made of stainless steel

    You have the choice: filter your coffee directly into the practical, double-walled stainless steel insulated jug or into the trendy 'to go' stainless steel insulated mug. So you can enjoy your coffee at home or on the go at any time.


    The aroma valve

    The aroma valve ensures that the hot water does not flow into the filter until it has reached the ideal brewing temperature of 95°C. Even with small quantities of coffee, all the valuable flavours unfold to the full and the coffee is always perfectly hot.


    Space-saving design

    Thanks to its slim, space saving form this coffee machine fits in any kitchen.


    Filter insert and mug lid are dishwasher-safe

    This is what convenient cleaning looks like - both the lid on the insulated mug and the removable filter insert on the coffee machine are dishwasher-safe.


    Automatic switch off

    Economical and safe - the appliance switches off automatically 15 minutes after brewing.


    MISSION eco & care

    We have developed a label, which helps consumers choose an appliance that guarantees conscious enjoyment. The label uses a value system, which we have developed.

    Aroma Valve: yes
    additional insulated mug: yes
    model number: M 728
    external water level indicator: yes
    drip stop: yes
    Weight (g): 1700
    Size of filter: 1x2®
    Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth in mm): 310 x 153 x 270
    max. amount of coffee: 0,65 l
    Colour: Black
    stainless steel elements: yes
    Model Series: Single5®
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