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Enjoy® Therm Filter Coffee Machine

  • Look forward to longer-lasting individual coffee enjoyment
  • Strong in the morning, but preferably not in the evening? The AromaSelector® is perfect for this. You can use it to vary the strength of your coffee. The insulated jug keeps your coffee warm for a very long time, so that you still have something to look forward to later on. Exclusive to Melitta.
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    Product information "Enjoy® Therm Filter Coffee Machine"
    • Insulated jug
    • Aroma picker - make coffee how you like it
    • 1.25l, makes 10 cups of coffee
    • Visible water tank
    • Removable swivel filter with drip stop
    • Back-lit start/stop button
    • Integrated Cord Storage
    • 900w
    • Uses Melitta 1x4 coffee filters

    Insulated jug can be used with one hand

    The insulated jug impresses not only by keeping your drinks warm, but also with its ease of use - it can be used with just one hand. To pour freshly brewed coffee just press the lever on the jug lid.


    Patented AromaSelector®

    Strong in the morning, but preferably not in the evening? With the patented AromaSelector® you can individually adjust the taste of your coffee in just one go - mild or strong. The AromaSelector® consistently guarantees the best flavour, conveniently without changing the amount of water or coffee.

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    Transparent water tank with easy to read level markers

    No more moving the coffee machine around to see how many cups of coffee you can still make with the remaining water, because the water tank is transparent and super easy to read from the front.


    Insulated jug with brew-through lid can be used with just one hand

    Forget screw on lids because - the Melitta® Easy Click lid is here! Simply hold down the side closures to lift off the lid or replace it. When brewing, the coffee runs through the closed jug lid directly into the insulated jug ready to serve! You only have to remove the lid to fill it with water or to clean it.


    Swing filter with removable filter insert and drip stop

    Uncomplicated cleaning - the removable filter insert with integrated drip stop simply disappears into the dishwasher after use.


    Auto-Off feature – coffee enjoyment for relaxing

    The appliance turns off automatically short after brewing. This avoids unnecessary use of electricity and saves energy. You can of course turn the machine off manually at any time.


    Swing filter is dishwasher safe

    Good news! After use, the filter holder can be cleaned conveniently and easily in the dishwasher.


    Mission eco & care

    We have developed a label, which helps consumers choose an appliance that guarantees conscious enjoyment. The label uses a value system, which we have developed.

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