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Aromaboy® Filter Coffee Machine

  • Experience a little miracle
  • Retro wave? No way! The Aromaboy® has been reliably making up to 2 cups of coffee since 1979. There is space for this small and unique filter coffee machine even in the smallest kitchen!
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    Aromaboy Bundle

    Buy an Aromaboy and get 2 boxes of filter papers and a bag of coffee for free!

    Buy an Aromaboy and get 2 boxes of filter papers and a bag of coffee for free! read more »
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    Aromaboy Bundle

    Buy an Aromaboy and get 2 boxes of filter papers and a bag of coffee for free!

    Aromaboy® Filterkaffeemaschine
    Melitta® BellaCrema® LaCrema, Kaffeebohnen, 1000g
    Melitta® Filtertüten® Original, 100, braun
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    Aromaboy® Filter Coffee Machine
    - Melitta -   £29.99 *
    Melitta® BellaCrema® LaCrema
    - Melitta -   £17.99 *
    Product information "Aromaboy® Filter Coffee Machine"

    Small size for great coffee enjoyment, the Aromaboy is always there when you need it, conjuring one to two cups of coffee in no time at all.

    • Optimal brewing temperature, for full aroma development and perfect coffee
    • Glass jug with holder
    • Visible water tank
    • Auto-off
    • Back-lit start/stop button
    • Makes 2 cups of coffee
    • 500w
    • Uses Melitta 100 coffee filters

    Space-saving design

    With its space-saving design, the Easy Therm is guaranteed to fit into even the smallest kitchen.


    Automatic Switch off after 40 minutes

    Economical and safe - the appliance switches off automatically 40 minutes after brewing


    Portafilter and jug are dishwasher-safe

    The removable filter holder and the glass jug for the coffee machine are dishwasher safe. There is nothing to get in the way of convenient cleaning.


    Transparent water tank with cup level markers

    Forget the magnifying glass. The easy-to-read cup markings on the transparent water tank makes filling it with water child's play.


    Mission eco & care

    We have developed a label, which helps consumers choose an appliance that guarantees conscious enjoyment. The label uses a value system, which we have developed.

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