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Melitta Cashback Promotion

Main Offer Terms & Conditions

The Provider of this Offer is Melitta Europa GmbH & Co KG (“Melitta”), a company registered in Germany. This Offer is externally managed by The Marketing Lounge Partnership (MLP) of The Cow Shed, Walnut Tree Farm, Lower Stretton, Cheshire WA4 4PG on behalf of Melitta. MLP is deemed as the Promotor for the purposes of this Offer. The Data Processor (as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679)) is MLP and any personal data collected for the purposes of this Offer, will be used and handled in accordance with the provisions detailed in The Marketing Lounge Partnership privacy policy.

By submitting a claim, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted these Offer terms and conditions.


This Offer will be available and featured from 01/08/2020 and will end on 31/08/2020. This Offer will be available to those who purchase a new, eligible Melitta model online from www.melitta.co.uk, on or between these previously outlined valid dates. This Offer only applies to purchases of the following Melitta models: Barista TS Smart (stainless steel), Barista TS Smart (silver), Barista TS Smart (black), Barista T Smart (silver), Barista T Smart (black), Barista T Smart (stainless steel), CI Touch (black) and CI Touch (silver). The Offer is exclusively featured online with www.melitta.co.uk and a purchase from any other retailer, whether online or instore, is deemed as ineligible in association with this Offer. This Offer is only available on the Melitta UK site which is www.melitta.co.uk. Claims for this Offer must be submitted online via www.melittarewards.co.uk/cashback between 1st August 2020 and midnight on 30th September 2020. Claims submitted after this date cannot be accepted by the Promoter. Claims can only be submitted once an eligible purchase has been made and cannot be accepted prior.

You must be 18 years of age or older to submit a claim and have permanent residence in the United Kingdom. Employees of the Melitta Group and their relatives, as well as employees of other participating companies and their relatives, are not eligible to submit a claim within this Offer. This Cashback Offer cannot be claimed in conjunction with any other offer or voucher code. If an eligible product is purchased and later returned for refund, you will not be eligible to receive the Gift. This Offer is available for consumer purposes only and purchases of graded, seconds, replacements and imperfect products and all appliances purchased on a trade or contract basis (i.e. non-consumer purchases) are excluded from this Offer.

The “Gift”

In the unlikely event of the Gift being unavailable, then the Promoter reserves the right to substitute the Gift for a Gift of equal or greater value. The Gift within this Offer will vary, dependant on the eligible model purchased.

For eligible Barista TS Smart (stainless steel), Barista TS Smart (silver) or Barista TS Smart (black) purchases, you will be eligible to receive £150 cashback, which will be paid via BACs.

For eligible Barista T Smart (silver), Barista T Smart (black), Barista T Smart (stainless steel), CI Touch (black) or CI Touch (silver) purchases, you will be eligible to receive £75 cashback, which will be paid via BACs.

BACs payments only are offered, and cheque payments cannot be offered as part of this Offer. BACs payments will be issued by The Marketing Lounge Partnership (MLP) on behalf of Melitta. If the Provider and the Promoter deem a claim in association with this Offer as valid, the Gift will be issued to the claimant in October 2020. BACs payments cannot be issued before as eligibility validation and verification checks need to be satisfied first. For the purposes of issuing the BACs payment as part of this Offer, the claimant will need to provide confirmation of a valid banking institution name, bank account holder name, bank account number and sort code at the point of submitting a claim. It is the responsibility of the claimant to ensure that these details are valid and correct, so that the BACs payment can be issued. Incorrect or invalid bank account details will result in delays in Gift issuance. The BACs payment will appear as Melitta Rewards on your bank statement.

Exclusion from the Offer

Melitta reserves the right at its sole discretion to exclude claim submissions or claimants from this Offer for reasons such as breach of the Offer Terms & Conditions, fraudulent activity, attempted manipulation of the Offer or attempting to disrupt or influence the proper procedure of the Offer. Should Melitta exclude a claimant, then it shall have the right to refuse to award a Gift to that participant and to demand the return of the Gift if it has already been handed over, or to demand compensation to the value of the Gift. Melitta have transferred this right to MLP.

How to Claim

Claims associated with this Offer may be submitted online from 01/08/2020 and close at Midnight on 30/09/2020. In order to claim the Gift, claimants must visit www.melittarewards.co.uk/cashback, select their purchased model and fully complete the online claim form. Bank account details will be requested on the online claim form, for the purposes of issuing the Gift only. A valid copy of the claimants’ online invoice or order confirmation must be uploaded, to support the claim and to verify proof of purchase. This proof of purchase document must show a valid order number constituting a purchase made via www.melitta.co.uk, clearly indicate an eligible purchased model, show a valid date of purchase and clearly show that the item was purchased online via www.melitta.co.uk. The name entered on the online claim form must correspond with the name detailed on the invoice or order confirmation and any conflicting names may be treated as fraudulent. If your proof of purchase does not show these important details, your claim will be rejected. If you have purchased more than one eligible model, it is your responsibility to submit a claim for each eligible model and provide sufficient proof of purchase. For the avoidance of doubt, copies of deposit receipts and delivery notices will not be accepted as a valid proof of purchase, as the outlined and required information is not present on the latter documents.

A claim cannot be deemed as valid in final until at least 30 days have passed from the date of purchase.

If you provide an email address at the point of claim submission, you will receive claim status update emails and to advise whether your claim has been accepted or rejected. If your claim is accepted, claimants can expect their BACs payment in their account by 14th October 2020. If your claim is rejected, you will have the opportunity to re-supply further proof of purchase to support your claim. This can be supplied via www.melittarewards.co.uk/cashback and must be submitted by 30/09/2020.

Any queries relating to this Offer will be handled and managed by MLP on behalf of Melitta.

Early termination of the Offer

Melitta reserves the right to change, interrupt or prematurely end the Offer in part or in whole.


The Provider reserves the right to withdraw, extend or amend the terms of this Offer at any time, due to circumstances beyond its control. Should individual provisions of these terms and conditions be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining conditions remains unaffected. The invalid provision will be replaced by an appropriate provision that most closely approximates the purpose of the invalid provision.

If you have any questions in relation to this Offer, you can call the MLP Customer Services Team on 01565 656456, between 9.00am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Please note that claims cannot be submitted by telephone as a valid proof of purchase copy is required. (Calls are charged at local rate, please check with your telephone provider for exact call charges and we may record and monitor calls).