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Excellent 5.0 Filter Coffee Machine

  • Classic "reloaded"!
  • The special brewing technology ensures excellent coffee taste. Its design is retro and modern at the same time. There is also an AromaControl function for smaller coffee quantities and the automatic LED calcification display: A really good coffee machine!
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    Product information "Excellent 5.0 Filter Coffee Machine"
    The ECBC-certified brewing technology also ensures excellent coffee taste in this new edition of our classic. And with features such as the AromaControl function for smaller quantities of coffee or the LED calcification display, we maintain the usual standards.


    AAAB_AromaControl 2-5



    AAAB_Filterhalter mit Tropfstopp2


    AAAB_Einfache Reinigung1

    AAAB_Weitere Ausstattungsmerkmale5

    Further features

    Dishwasher safe parts: Jug lid, Kannendeckel, Filter element, Filter, Water tank lid
    Device dimensions (height x width x depth in mm): 350 x 278 x 162
    Descaling function: Descaling display
    Warm keeping time hotplate: 40 minutes
    Jug type: Glass jug
    Special features: Separate heating element for warm keeping
    Removable parts: Jug lid, Spout/Wasserüberlauf, Filter, Filter
    Filter type: Removable filter holder
    Weight (kg): 1,70
    Aroma function: Aroma Control, Aroma Control
    Type designation: 1022-02
    Type designation (Jug): RJ-A-12-bk
    Warranty: 2 Years
    Drip stop: yes
    Display: no
    Timer function: no
    Awards: ECBC-certified
    Filter size: 1x4®
    Water tank volume (L): 1,25
    Maximum coffee quantity: 10 cups
    Colour: black, black
    Automatic switch off: yes
    Model Series: Excellent
    Water tank: With cup scale, With litre scale, Transparent, With cup scale
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