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Caffeo Barista® TS, Silver (Refurbished)

  • Refurbished to perfect order, backed by a 1 year warranty
  • The Caffeo Barista® TS gives you modern design elements and complete coffee variety. Several automatic features mean making a variety of coffee specialities is easier than ever before. Choose coffee innovation.
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    Product information "Caffeo Barista® TS, Silver (Refurbished)"

    Refurbished devices may have optical defects on the packaging and have prepared some cups of coffee. However, the equipment has been checked by our expert service technicians and any required parts have been replaced. In addition, the machines have been thoroughly cleaned. Minor signs of wear may be visible on the devices, but these do not affect functionality. The degree of impairment differs from device to device and can not be specified in advance individually.

    Availability: Since we only have a limited quantity of our refurbished devices in stock, our offer applies only while supplies last.

    Please note

    Refurbished machines have a 1-year warranty.

    To find out more about our refurbished machines, the condition and cleanliness and what's included in the box, please click here.


    Active Bean Monitoring

    Thanks to active bean monitoring, the Caffeo Barista® TS informs you when the coffee beans are running out. So you can fill up in good time before the grinder runs on empty.


    All-in-one outlet with LED illumination

    Coffee, milk, frothed milk and hot water - thanks to the All-in-one outlet you no longer need to move your cup here and there, whatever ingredients you like in your favourite coffee. Height adjustable to 140mm, even latte macchiato glasses have enough space.


    Automatic Bean Select

    For real coffee gourmets a coffee bean is not just a coffee bean. Every coffee is different in its origin, roasting, bouquet, crema, acidity and many other facets. Choose the right bean for your coffee from two different types - so that your coffee tastes


    Double Cup Mode

    The Double Cup Mode means you can have double coffee enjoyment without having to move the cups around - for latte macchiato, cappuccino and many other coffee specialities.


    Easy Steam Cleaning

    As well as the integrated programme to thoroughly clean the milk system, the Easy Steam Cleaning allows you to quickly and hygienically clean in between times: The parts in contact with milk are cleaned with hot water and steam - if you wish after each time you make a coffee or you can call it up separately in the menu.


    Energy Saving Features

    With the 0 watt switch you can separate your Caffeo Barista® from the power at any time. The additional and programmable Energy Saving Mode and Automatic switch off feature ensure low energy consumption.


    IntenseAroma feature

    Would you like a bit more flavour? Then instead of the standard brewing process, select the IntenseAroma feature. This gives you a particularly intensive coffee flavour – using the same amount of coffee and water.


    Convenient recipe book feature

    Do you love a good espresso just as much as other coffee classics, yet you also enjoy exclusive specialities such as a flat white, americano or a red eye? You have the choice between 21 varieties of coffee, which you can try out easily at the push of a button.


    My Coffee Memory XXL

    Coffee strength, brewing temperature, the required amount of coffee, milk / frothed milk or hot water: The My Coffee Memory feature saves individual preferences for up to eight people for all coffee specialities - convenient to call up with the name you set.


    Original Preparation Process

    Barista Know-how: To make coffee in the original way, the order of the ingredients is decisive. For example the espresso in a latte macchiato is only added after the milk and frothed milk thus creating a fine layer between them.


    Touch & Slide

    The innovative Touch & Slide feature makes the aesthetes hear beat faster. Just a gentle touch on the operating panel is enough to simply and conveniently set and operate the Caffeo Barista®.


    Mission eco & care

    We have developed a label, which helps consumers choose an appliance that guarantees conscious enjoyment. The label uses a value system, which we have developed.

    Colour: black
    Warm Milk: yes
    Italian Preparation Process for Cappuccino: yes
    Programme the Product Buttons: yes
    Grinding Level: 5
    Programmable Coffee Strength: 5
    Water tank volume (L): 1.8
    Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth in mm): 372 x 259 x 467
    Ground Coffee Chute: yes
    Automatic Milk Preparation: yes
    Hot Water: yes
    Cup Warmer: yes
    Energy Saving Mode: yes
    MyCoffee Memory: yes
    Set Water Hardness (4 Hardness Settings): yes
    Compatible for Use with Claris Water Filters: yes
    Indicator for Water Filter Change: yes
    Weight (g): 10400
    More recipes: Americano
    All-in-one Outlet for 2 Coffee Specialites at the same Time: yes
    Programmable Freely Adjustable Water Quantity for Coffee: 30-220ml
    Automatic Cleaning and Descaling Programme: yes
    0 Watt Switch: yes
    Smart app control: no
    Sound Optimization: yes
    Pump Pressure (Bar): 15
    Active Level Monitoring Bean Container: yes
    Guarantee: 2 years
    Stainless Steel Drip Tray: yes
    Pre-Brewing Feature: yes
    Removable Brewing Unit: yes
    Coffee Outlet for 1 or 2 Cups: yes
    Cable Storage Compartment: yes
    Display: yes
    Auto-Off function: yes
    Milk System: One-Touch
    Bean Sensor: yes
    Model Series: Barista
    Companion App: no
    Milk container: 1L, schwarz transparent
    Number My Coffee Profile: 8
    One-Touch Drinks: Cappuccino
    LED Cup Illumination: yes
    Amount (Cups/Day): 10-15
    Volume Bean Container (g): 270g (2 x 135g)
    Quiet as a whisper grinder: no
    Service Menue: no
    Favourite coffee function: no
    Programmable Brewing Temperature (°C): 87°C / 90°C / 93°C
    Height Adjustable Coffee Outlet: 140mm
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